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The major activities followed by Guest at home include - simply unwind and do nothing, laze with a book, play in the lawn or bask in the sun with hot tea. However, if it is important for you to do something, here are list of things one can do while at my home.....



The most prominent landmark of Dehradun is the Victorian clock tower in the main commercial district. From here, the trunk line of Rajpur Road goes northwards right up to Rajpur, forking off towards Mussoorie after a point. About 4 kms up the Rajpur Road is the sprawling campus of the Survey of India, set up by the British in 1767. The centre of all major mapping and survey activities in India, its historical high point was measuring the height of Everest, which was then named after the Surveyor-General, Sir George Everest..

Across the dry river bed of the Bindal Rao on Kaulagarh road are the Doon School (the Eton of India) and the huge red brick campus of the Forest Research Institute(FRI).

Built in 1914, the FRI campus is a verdant expanse of Botanical Gardens and forests. Within, is a library stocked with a huge collection of books on forestry, a bookshop and a museum divided into six parts. The museum is worth visiting, with its array of wood samples, insects and wildlife. The Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology also has an interesting museum displaying rock samples, semi-precious stones and Himalayan fossils.

For religiously inclined travellers, 6 kms from the centre of town is the cave shrine of Tapkeshwar, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lying next to a swift flowing forest stream, the cave has a stone lingam with milky water dripping onto it from the ceiling. Every year, during Shivratri the entire area is taken up with festivities because of a fair where devotees jostle with holy men to gain access to the cave. Outside, stalls selling knick-knacks, food items and toys drum up a festive atmosphere. You can also get a shot at having a special bhang (cannabis) drink.


At Rajpur, 12 kms from the centre of town is a Tibetan settlement with a new gompa called the Shakya Centre. This is a walking distance from my home.Decorated with ornate frescoes, the settlement has a centre for Tibetan medicine.

For more sightseeing you can visit Sahastradhara (thousand streams) with its sulphur springs, the new Malsi Deer Park, that is about 3 kms from my home on the Dehradun – Mussoorie road and the shrine of Lakshman Sidh, which is 12 kms away make for wonderful drives and picnics and are truly quite idyllic.

There are a host of tourist places near Dehradun. You can visit Badrinath (314 kms), Auli (approximately 273 km) and Chakrata (98 kms) from here. Other closer getaways include:

Mussoorie, the highly popular north Indian hill resort is 34 kms from Dehradun. In the evenings, the lights on the hills of Mussoorie can be seen from my terrace.

About 8 kms from Dehradun is Robber’s Cave, also known as Guchhu Pani. A popular picnic spot, the cave is reached after a kilometer trek up the hills. Here, waters of a spring vanish underground and reappear some distance away.

For wildlife enthusiasts Malsi Deer Park, situated on the outskirts of Dehradun, is another place that is a must-see. A zoological garden, it is home to a large number of deer, which include the Indian antelope a.k.a. Nilgai and the two-horned deer. You can also enjoy watching a variety of birds here. Apart from that Santala Devi Temple is about 15 kms from the city. Visit Roorkee and Saharanpur are two major north Indian towns very close to Dehradun (approximately 71 kms and 70 kms respectively). While Roorkee is famous for its Engineering College established in 1847 and now declared a University, Saharanpur is well known for its woodcarving. Once a summer retreat of the Mughals and an army base for the British, Saharanpur is also an important source of fruits supplied to the whole of north India. You can also pick up great furniture from here.

Rishikesh (approximately 44 kms) and Haridwar (approximately 54km), on the banks of the Ganga, are religious sites for Hindus. The Beatles came here in search of succour in the 1970s, Hindus come here in search of salvation and to immerse the ashes of their dead, tourists from the West flock here even today on a spiritual journey, to practice yoga and meditate at the many ashrams in these holy towns. Both places are no more than an hour and a half's drive from Dehradun.

There are many festivals and events celebrated in Dehradun. The Jhanda Fair is celebrated on the fifth day after Holi in March/April. The fair honours Guru Ram Rai who arrived in Dehradun in 1699 and built a Gurudwara called Guru Ram Rai Durbar. Guru Ram Rai hoisted his flag on the Gurdwara. Since then followers assemble and the flag is unfurled amidst a lot of ceremony at the Jhanda Chowk of Dehradun.

The Shivratri fair is celebrated at the Tapkeshwar temple in Dehradun. Thousands of devotees of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati assemble at the temple during the annual Shivratri fair.

The Lakhawar Fair is celebrated in the Lakhawar village during the months of September-October. The festivities are heightened with music, sports competitions and dance performances.



Adventure Activities

There are plenty of fun and adventure activities to indulge in and around Dehradun like:  

Trekking River Rafting Cycling Golfing Hot Air Ballooning

Adventure enthusiasts go for various exciting treks. Dehradun serves as the base camp for a trek to Kempty Falls in Mussoorie. You can also opt to trek to Chakrata that is almost 98 kms from Dehradun. Hathi Paon is about 24 kms from my home and offers variety of treks – popular one being Benong Hill Trek and George Everest Trek. You can reach hathi paon in about 45 minutes from here and if you wish to indulge in any of these treks, pl let me know – I should be able to assist you with relevant logistics, packed lunch etc.

If you love adventure then river rafting is one of the things on the checklist. To have a time of your life, you can plan a day’s trip to Rishikesh (approximately 44 kms) and indulge in white water rafting in the Cold Ganges water.....The experience is guaranteed to be worth its while!

The feeling of getting drenched while facing rapids and flowing with the river current is one that cannot be put in words. Rafting starts from 4 major points – Bramhapuri, Shivpuri , Marine Drive, Kaudiyala and ends at Rishikesh. There are many river rafting camps located at shivpuri, Byasi beach, Bhrampuri and Kaudiyala. Do connect with me and i will be happy to direct you with one of our friends who owns a rafting camp and would be able to organise a trip for you.

If you are a cycling enthusiast, then go for it in Dehradun, as the city offers perfect tracks. Start from Rajpur, along the Old Mussoorie highway, about 20 km further from Old Mussoorie, the incline will start getting steeper, all the way to Mussoorie.

Enjoy golfing in Dehradun at a mini golf course called ‘The Small Putt’ in ‘The Club’ or there is DSOI Golf Clubhouse situated on Vijay Path. Hotel Mathuban also features a mini golf course.

You can enjoy going on a hot air balloon ride in Dehradun, where you will get to see the lush green valleys below, teeming with wildlife.

Other Places around Dehradun:-

Jwalaji Temple Santaura Devi Temple Bhadraj Temple
Lachhiwala Rajaji National Park  The Kalinga War Memorial
Monastery Chetwoode Hall, The Indian Military Academy Sai Darbar Temple, Rajpur Road
Tapkeshwar Temple Robber’s Cave The Museum, Forest Research Institute
Clock Tower, Rajpur Road The Char Siddhs  

For those seeking more information, kindly write to us at [email protected]


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